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January, 2013

Creating Your Dream Bath? Get Top 5 Design Ideas for Today's Hottest Baths

Ideas are beginning to swirl around in your head. Take cues from the experts on today's hottest bathroom features and on how to transform your bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

Spa-tacular Features

To get a spa experience without ever leaving home, look into purchasing a vertical spa, such as Moen's ioDigital vertical spa, whirlpool tubs and heated floor and towel racks. Additional amenities such as fireplaces, walk-in closets and steam rooms are also great ways to take your bathroom from simple to simply lush.

Cool Colors

While white is still the most popular color choice for toilets, tubs and sinks, that doesn't mean you have to be conservative with paint color. Experiment with earth tones (and that includes flower colors in every hue), accent walls and even colors such as peach and terra cotta that complement your skin tone. Have a tiny bathroom? There's no need to stay away from deep colors. Paint the walls and ceilings the same color, and you're in for some breathtaking results.

Green with Envy

These days, going green is easier than ever. While you're thinking about your bathroom remodel, consider the transition to an eco-friendly design. Solar or tankless water heaters, low-volume toilets and water efficient faucets are available and help save the planet, one bathroom at a time.


If you'd like your bathroom to appear bigger than it is, look into adding a few stylish mirrors. They'll help capture the available light and reflect it back into the room to make it brighter. They'll also reflect each other, adding depth to the room and making the walls seem farther apart.

Showers in the Forecast

Big showers are bigger than ever. Homeowners are taking out the tub and opening up the shower, making them much more airy. Today's walk-in showers comes with glass or no doors, and, depending on the size of the space you have to work with, can be installed as a cornered unit or created to be a room within in room.

Moen makes it easy to see your bathroom vision come to life. Try our interactive Design Your Own tool.

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