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Summer Water Savings, Made Easy

Outdoor play and yard work go hand in hand with summer. So, too, do extra loads of laundry, more showers and regular lawn and garden watering. Yes, it's peak time for water consumption in your household! By taking small steps to reduce your H2O use this season, you can make water savings an easy thing to achieve.

Efficiency Indoors

The start of every day begins in the shower, 365 days a year. The average U.S. household washes a whopping 11,680 dishes each year. By choosing your household faucets and showerheads wisely, your family can begin water conservation efforts immediately.

Moen offers a full line of eco-performance kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and showerheads that use up to 32% less water than standard fixtures, without sacrificing performance. You'll save some money on your utility bills, too.

Save water throughout your home by:

  • Running the dishwasher or washer only when the loads are completely full.
  • Using your garbage disposal less and compost more — you'll save water while keeping outdoor plants healthy!
  • Keeping a pitcher of cold water in the refrigerator for drinks instead of running the tap.
  • Using leftover ice cubes from drinks to water your houseplants.
  • Defrosting food in the refrigerator rather than thawing with tap water.

Keeping Your Yard "Green"

In one day a family of four can use up to 120 gallons of water for outdoor needs – half of that is used for lawn and gardens alone. And, as the temperature rises, your plants need even more water. Learn how to cut back on your outdoor water use with these helpful conservation tips.

Rain barrel – make a rain barrel that collects water from your home's downspout that can be used to water your lawn and garden. To make your own, all you need are two new or gently used trash cans and some PVC pipe and fitting. Within minutes, you can create an environmentally friendly watering system with minimal construction and cost.

Xeriscape – If you love gardening, but find yourself using a lot of water to maintain your plants try the xeriscape technique. By choosing the right plants for your climate you will minimize the amount of water your garden will need. Not sure where to start? Visit your local library or nursery to learn more about local plants that will thrive in every climate.

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