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November, 2010

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream bathroom in mind.

Simple, Chic And Safe Updates For Your Bathroom

Simple, Chic And Safe Updates For Your Bathroom

Want to create a new, safe bathroom, but think the price tag might be out of your budget? Don't give up so easily. There are many simple updates that can give you a custom-designed look on a bare-minimum budget. And luckily, many of these quick, affordable -- even stylish -- updates can make bathrooms safer and more enjoyable for you and your family.

Safe, Spa-ahh Shower
Showers can be an indulgent part of anyone's day -- if they are safe. While you probably don't want to completely renovate your current shower, simple additions can make it safer and more enjoyable. Start by adding rubber grips to the bottom of the shower to prevent slick surfaces. Next, add a seat with a comfortable shower chair and experience a shower with a massaging spray with a multi-function hand held showerhead. Products like the Home Care™ by Moen® shower chair and Handheld Shower with Innovative Palm Feature are ideal choices to add safety, style and affordable enjoyment to the shower.

Get a Grip
It doesn't matter how old you are - there are countless falling hazards within your home, especially in the bathroom. To increase safety, install a few double-duty items that can add style and extra security, like the new SecureMount™ Grab Bars from Home Care by Moen exceed ADA requirements, with the best combination of strength, style and functionality in the industry, plus an extra-strong 500 pound weight capacity. SecureMount grab bars offer multiple style and finish options and can be installed in a variety of surfaces with no studs required, when paired with SecureMount anchors. Designer Hand Grips from Home Care are another great option for adding safety and style to the bath. These stylish grips are affordably priced and available in either a sleek contemporary or traditional design. Made from a durable polypropylene material with a non-slip grip, the contemporary hand grip features a clean, crisp white finish. For more traditional homes, a stately style with finial detailing is available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes that coordinate with many best-selling home and bath hardware collections.

Soft and Subtle Touches
The bathroom is filled with hard surfaces -- so be sure to add a variety of plush, soft accents. Fabric shower curtains, window valances, and towels in coordinating colors will be great additions for a chic and appealing look in your newly updated bath. When adding plush accents, carefully consider the placement of a rug to your bath, as it can cause unnecessary trips, slips and falls.

Conquer Clutter
While you can't easily add more square footage to your bathroom for extra storage, little things can make a difference. Installing new accessories, such as towel bar hooks, towel rings and robe hooks can easily and inexpensively provide additional space and storage for your necessities... while adding a bit of style. You can easily change the look and functionality of your bath for less than $100 just by adding smart accessories.

Organization experts report that we only use about 20 percent of our "stuff" regularly. With that in mind, purging your bathroom of these unused items can make you feel more organized, while making the space feel more open and easier to keep clean and dust-free. Take control of clutter by acting as if you are about to move out. If you wouldn't make the effort to pack and relocate items, get rid of them. The bathroom is small enough to begin with, so be sure to keep your newly updated area in tip-top shape.

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