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January, 2011

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream bathroom in mind.

You Can Do It Yourself

You Can Do It Yourself

Easy Bath Improvements for the Not So Handy

Stop doubting your home improvement skills and get ready to tackle some easy do-it-yourself projects - without calling a contractor. You can give your bathroom a quick makeover with a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of time, and not a lot of money.

Problem: You need more space for towels and robes.

Solution: Free up some cupboard space and eliminate clutter at the same time with convenient double robe hooks. Designate one for each member of the family and hang on the back of the door at adult and kid-friendly heights to keep towels, robes and even pajamas off the floor. New contemporary-styled Iso accessories from Moen® feature the new EZ 2 Install mounting system so installing robe hooks can be a snap. Simply attach the mounting post to the wall and slide the accessory onto place. An audible click will let you know it's quickly and securely installed.

Problem: Your wallpaper conjures up visions of the distant past.

Solution: Mix two parts warm water with one part white wine vinegar for easy removal. Your local home improvement store will also have concentrated mixtures, scoring tools and even steamers if the paper proves too challenging to remove. Before you begin, cover the bathroom floor with a plastic sheath or drop cloth and remove all wall hangings and outlet covers. Spray the remover solution on the area and let it soak in. Then, remove wallpaper by hand. Scrape the backing left on the wall off with a broad knife.

Once your wallpaper is removed, you have a blank canvass. Repair any cracks or uneven spots with spackle and sand thoroughly before painting. But don't despair if your walls are imperfect, you can repaper or finish with a textured painting technique for an updated new look.

Problem: Your current showerhead isn't providing you with soothing options

Solution: Replacing your showerhead is one of the quickest and easiest updates you can make in your bath. For showering options try a multi-setting showerhead like one offered in Moen's new Inspire™ line available at Lowes. These showerheads have multi-settings in both a fixed or handheld version. Plus, it's easy to change spray settings to fit your every mood. Try a "Relaxing" wide spray, an "Invigorating" concentrated spray, a "Refreshing" combination spray, an energizing massage, a targeted massage, a massaging rinse or a hydrating spray. Each feature a spiral-patterned spray face to provide full body coverage that envelops you in invigorating water sprays no matter what the spray setting.

Problem: Your ceramic wall tile is cracked or stained.

Solution: You can fix up your bathroom tiles without tearing out the entire wall. To repair individual tiles, isolate the damaged tiles by chipping away at the grout, then smash the tiles and knock out the pieces. Scrape away any old adhesive from the wall. If you're just replacing a few tiles, spread a thin coat of adhesive on the new tiles. Press the tile(s) into place, and then tap with a rubber mallet to ensure proper adhesion. Make sure to wipe excess adhesive from the surface. Then, mix grout to the consistency of a thick paste and apply it with diagonal strokes to completely cover the area. After 15 minutes, smooth the joints with a rounded object, like the end of a pen. Use a wet sponge to clean off any excess grout and polish with a dry cloth.

Problem: The existing bath faucet makes your sink look dated.

The solution: Luckily, there are hundreds or new faucet styles and finishes to choose from that are guaranteed to make an impact at your sink. Swap out that old faucet for one that fits your décor. Faucet maker Moen designs many of its faucets with M-PACT®, a common valve system, making it easy for style upgrades: just unscrew your existing handles and spout, lift them out and replace them with a new style.

Your bathroom problems aren't as big as you think. Most items - from décor to wear and tear, can be tackled confidently by the newest diy'er - you!

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