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Vice President Global Brand Marketing
Moen Incorporated

I've been fortunate to work at Moen for more than 15 years and there are several reasons why I love this company. First, Moen places the customer at the center of all we do. We've designed a culture driven by identifying and serving customer needs throughout their relationship with our brand. This type of culture empowers us all to make the right decisions, and the right products and services needed to delight customers and drive brand loyalty.

In addition to a customer-centric culture, the range of opportunities to develop your skills is second-to-none. I've served in two countries and in six different marketing roles encompassing category, product, innovation and brand management roles. I'm proof that Moen will match your enthusiasm and effort with opportunity and growth. Last (and certainly not least) is the quality of the people that I work with every day: Moen's investment in finding and developing the right mix of talent globally makes it easy for all of us to work together and get results. The combination of the right people, a variety of growth opportunities, and a customer-centric culture has driven my brand engagement and career to new levels.

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