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Senior Strategic Account Manager
Moen Incorporated

Moen has been my professional "home" for almost 25 years. Twenty-five years! In any business that kind of longevity is rare, but at Moen it's relatively common and a good indicator of how Moen team members think of the company. Position opportunities to advance professionally inside Moen are many and varied. In my experience, the emphasis on advancement inside the organization is only matched by a focus on gaining professionalism and highly advanced skill sets on multiple levels in many different business sectors.

For those of us who have worked continually on the sales side of Moen, the opportunity to essentially "run your own business" in the field with strong management support is a key component to creating self-reliance and honing business skills in a highly competitive economy.

Moen's reputation within our business (and in all businesses that we interact with) is for high standards of performance, behavior and training. In my experience with other employees working for large companies the degree of closeness and teamwork that Moen possesses is a rarity. Communication and connection within an organization are cornerstones of success, and Moen's ability to furnish a truly interactive and supportive team environment is invaluable to a prospective position candidate.

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